Subscribe to Calendar on your Smart Phone

You can now subscribe to Walteria's calendar on your smart phone.

There are two calendars that you can subscribe to depending on how many events you want to see on your phone. The two options are:

  • Important - This is limited to major school events, minimum days, and no school days.
  • All - This will include all school, disctrict, PTA, and WAA events including the "important" dates above.


Below are instructions for subscribing to Walteria's calendar on Apple iPhone and Google Android devices. The calendar links below are iCal links, which are supported by many other applications (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) and websites (e.g. Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, etc.). If you would like to subscribe to the calendar using one of those applications or services, please search online for instructions.

Apple iPhone

  1. Copy the correct link to your clipboard (tap and hold link, and copy)
    Important Link (
    All Events Link (
  2. Open Settings
  3. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  4. Tap "Add Account" in the Accounts section
  5. Select "Other"
  6. Select "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  7. Paste in iCal Link that was copied above into the Server Field
  8. Select "Next," then enter a name for the calendar in the Description field
  9. Select "Save" to add the calendar to the Calendar app
  10. View in the Calendar app

Google Android

To add a calendar to an Android phone, you must begin these steps from a computer.

  1. Copy the correct link to your clipboard
    Important Link (
    All Events Link (
  2. Navigate to:
  3. Log In to the Google Account that is used on your Android Phone
  4. Click the menu icon next to "Other calendars" on the left hand side of the screen
  5. Click "Add by Url"
  6. Paste in iCal Link that was copied from the Calendar
  7. Click "Add calendar"
  8. Hover the cursor over the new calendar name "http://www.walteriaelementary..."
  9. Click the menu icon next to the calendard name
  10. Click "Calendar settings"
  11. Change the calendar name to something meaningful.
  12. Click save.
  13. Open up the Calendar on your Android phone
  14. Click the Calendars button on the top
  15. Select the calendar you would like to view
  16. Tap Done
  17. View new events in the Calendar