Walteria Newsletter: May 8, 2017

Testing starting this week.
logoMay 08, 2017

Principal's News: May 8, 2017

Walteria is now entering its testing window, and our young wildcats in the 3rd through 5th grade will have the opportunity to take the SBAC test and show how much they have progressed in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. For our 5th graders, they will also be among the first to take the California Science Test or CAST. Parents will not be receiving results from this test, as this is just a pilot year. For the SBAC test however, parents and guardians can expect the results from the State over the summer. We will have a parent meeting in the fall to discuss the results.

We are extremely excited to showcase just how much your son or daughter has learned this year. To help your student do better on the test, make sure to talk to your child about the test and reinforce the fact that this test provides the school and you with a measure of how they are progressing. Students should do the best they can so that they get a report that is reflective of their abilities and the hard work they have put into school this year. Make sure your child gets a good nights rest, has breakfast, and is at school on time during the testing window.

The testing schedule for our students is as follows:

  • May 8 - May 12: Mrs. Lelujian, Mrs. Grock, Mrs. Bergen, and Mrs. Pinnella
  • May 15 - May 19: Mrs. Kotoff, Mr. Halili, Mrs. Yoshihara, Mrs. Zacharias, Mrs. Ruparatne, Mrs. Ruth, Mrs. Masi, and Mrs. Porter

As I mentioned, we are very excited about our students' potential, and we cannot wait to celebrate their accomplishments.

Dr. Ponce


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