Upcoming Meets

logoTrack TeamJanuary 17, 2018

Upcoming Track meets

The second Legends Track Meet of the season is this Sunday, April 26th. Check out the website at http://legendstrack.com/ for more information. Registration starts at noon, meet starts at 1 pm, it is open to K-8 grades and costs only $5 per person (including competitors and spectators) to attend. You child can participate in whichever events he/she chooses. It's really a wonderful opportunity, and we highly recommend you take advantage of it.

We have begun the involved process of making event assignments for the TUSD Track Meet, which will take place on Friday, June 5th. There was some confusion about whether the event assignments were for this weekend or the meet in June, and there was also some confusion about whether the assignments / choices made my the students would be final. Many children walked away thinking they had been assigned to a particular event, but I know from talking with the coaches, nothing is final by any means.

We will do our best to communicate clearly with the kids are practice, but please remind them of the following:
  1. We only make event assignments for the TUSD meet on June 5th. The Legends Track meets are open registration meets, and the kids can compete in any event designated for their gender and age group.
  2. We are limited in the number of kids we can bring to the TUSD meet. We can only assign two children each grade/gender to each running event, and three children to each field event. It's quite possible your child will not be invited to compete at the TUSD meet in June, though we will do our best to take as many as possible who have attended practice on a regular basis.
  3. Assignments will be made based on attendance AND ability. If your child has not been coming to practice on a regular basis, or does not come to practice on regular basis for the next few weeks while we are doing assignments, they may not be coming to the meet in June. This is a another good reason to bring you kids to the Legends track meets, as anyone can participate.
  4. The TUSD meet will take place from approximately 3 pm to 8 pm on Friday, June 5th. Anyone participating in the meet must stay for the entire event. Schools are judged on sportsmanship, and it is considered poor sportsmanship to leave early. For this reason, and because we will likely be taking a single bus, our goal will be to assign kids to at least one running event and one field event. It is more fun for the kids if they can participate in more than one event.
  5. I do not have the final numbers from the coaches, but based on what I have heard, event assignments will be more of an issue for boys than girls, as we have more boys signed up for Track Team.
  6. We asked the kids which events they would like to do, but assignments for the meet in June are by no means final yet. It will take another couple weeks to sort out.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have. My email is schacht.julie@gmail.com. If I cannot answer your question, I will forward your email on to one of the volunteer coaches.