Important Track Team Announcment - Update

logoTrack Team January 17, 2018

Event Assignments for TUSD Meet June 5th - Update (this one has an easier to read event assignment list)

Attention Parents:

Our TUSD track meet is coming up on June 5th. Our coaches have been working hard to make event assignments. Attached you will find event assignments along with some flyers about the meet. Permission slips will be going home shortly for those participating.

The meet will take place on Friday, June 5th from 3:45 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. The kids will be taking a bus directly from school, but parents must bring their kids home from the meet or arrange for someone to do so. Kids must stay for the entire meet. Please read the attached parent information sheet as well as the flyer on sportsmanship. Please make sure you child understands the sportsmanship rules.

Please let us know IMMEDIATELY if you child has been assigned to an event and will not be able to attend the meet. While we could use a few more girls in some grades, we have way more 4th and 5th grade boys on the Track Team than we do event assignments. If your 4th or 5th grade boy would rather not attend the meet (in some cases they will only have one event assignment for the 5 hours they are there), please let us know IMMEDIATELY so that we can allow some of the other boys to participate or do more than one event.

There will be more information and emails to follow, but we want to make sure you understand the basics of the meet, and we know who can attend and who can not before we proceed.

Thank you for your cooperation, and thank you to coaches Janene, Beky, Fharo, Dawn and Tim for all of their hard work. We will be entering final event assignments in the next week or so.

Please direct regrets as well as any questions or concerns to Julie Schacht at