PTA Sponsored Programs & Events

Most Student Programs and Activities are funded by Walteria PTA. However we would not be able to provide all of these wonderful programs and events if not for the generous support of our Walteria parents. Thank You parents for your continued support and for helping the PTA to provide our students such enriching experiences!

We encourage family members of Walteria students and members of the community to contribute to the success of Walteria Elementary by volunteering. Volunteers are what make our programs, our school and our children successful.

Adventures in Art

"Art Flourishes where there is a sense of Adventure" Alfred North Whitehead, Established in 1994, Adventures in Art - Torrance, is an art enrichment program based on the belief that art education should promote individual expression by providing the opportunity, materials, and the process from which children create their own unique conclusions and solutions. This art experience should encourage the children to exercise their powers of observation and imagination.

This program is run entirely by volunteer art docents who are trained by selected artists. These docents teach the art projects to students throughout the year. The program is sponsored and fully funded by the Walteria PTA. An art exhibit featuring works done by our students is displayed in the cafeteria during Open House.

Bike Rodeo

In the spring students in grades three through five are given an opportunity to participate in this PTA District-Wide event. Each participant takes a written safety test covering the fundamental safety rules on bicycle riding and a timed obstacle course to showcase their bicycling skills including:

  • Balancing at slow speed
  • Straight-line riding
  • Weaving
  • Circling
  • U-turning
  • Stopping on the spot

Students wishing to participate in the Bicycle Rodeo must have a permission slip, bicycle with a lock, and helmet. The Walteria PTA, Torrance Fire Department, and Torrance Police Department sponsor our Bicycle Rodeo and it is organized through the Torrance Council of PTA's. Winners from each grade advance to the District Bicycle Rodeo. Another fun event fully funded and sponsored by the Walteria PTA.

Blue Ribbon & Local Heroes' Week

Once a year we take time to show our appreciation and support to all of the Police Officers and local heroes who serve in our community. Week-long events include activities for the students and a thank you breakfast in honor of all Torrance Police and relatives. The week long activities and breakfast are fully funded by the Walteria PTA. 


Chorus is available for third through fifth grade students and is lead by one of our wonderful PTA volunteers. The chorus meets before school on Wednesday mornings (day of the week subject to change) and typically culminates with a performance or two. This program is sponsored and funded by the Walteria PTA.

Disaster Preparedness and Safety

The PTA sponsors emergency preparedness by maintaining, replenishing and restoring emergency equipment and supplies to help the school and students in the event of an earthquake or other emergency. Our goal is to provide temporary care and shelter for each child in the event of a disaster. Each year we complete a thorough audit and inventory of all classroom emergency supplies as well as restocking and upgrading each classroom's materials throughout the year. All classroom materials and supplies are funded and provided by the Walteria PTA.

The school staff conducts emergency drills regularly, and with the PTA's help, your children will know what to do should a real emergency occur. In addition the Torrance Police Dept. has assigned a ham radio operator who will come to school and provide the means to maintain communications with key agencies, such as police and fire departments.

Each student is asked at the beginning of the school year to bring in a personal Emergency Survival Kit. Suggested items that should be included in your Personal Emergency Survival Kit are:

  • 1 small package of Kleenex
  • 1 or 2 small cans of juice
  • 1 Sweatshirt
  • 2 hand wipes
  • 1 family picture and short note from the parents
  • 2 vacuum packed snacks
  • 1 Small towel
  • Optional: deck of cards, pencil and paper

The PTA also offers pre-packaged personal survival kits for sale at the beginning of the year.

Earth Week

Fall Carnival

Each year the PTA provides our most popular event “The Fall Carnival”. This is our biggest event and believe it or not it takes at least one hundred volunteers to be a success. It is only possible because of the help and cooperation of the parents, staff, and all of our wonderful Walteria volunteers. Everyone chips in and everyone has fun! This fun filled event is fully funded and provided by the Walteria PTA for all our Walteria families to enjoy.

It is traditionally held on the Friday night before Halloween, but we sometimes mix it up by holding it in early November on a Saturday afternoon. What you will always see at our Annual Carnival is the bake sale, carnival games, DJ/dancing, and various food vendors. To keep it fresh each year we try to have something a little different. Here are a few blasts from the past: “trick-or treat to the PTA”, a scary monster house, face painting, dip-n-dots, craft booths, and a cake walk with cakes baked by our beloved teachers.

What will we have this year? Come and see! Please sign up today to be a carnival volunteer or sponsor! We need you!

Field Trips

Field trips enable teachers to enhance curriculum in ways impossible to achieve in the classroom alone. The Walteria PTA fully funds and sponsors all field trips. Each grade level typically receives atleast one field trip per year. This is where the majority of our PTA budget is spent.

In addition to funding the field trips the PTA also fully funds the transportation costs for all students to attend their field trips safely.

Past field trips have included the Green Meadows Farm, Museum of Natural History, Aquarium of the Pacific, The Getty Museum, and the California Science Center and IMAX.

Fifth Grade Reflections Ceremony

At the end of the year, the Fifth Grade participates in a ceremony to share with their parents and teachers essays reflecting on their elementary years. Each child is individually recognized. Additionally, academic and citizenship honor rolls are awarded. This traditional ceremony takes place on the last day of the school year and is fully funded by the Walteria PTA.


Our PTA holds a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year to earn the money required for PTA sponsored programs, events and materials. The fundraising programs vary from year to year. All fundraisers enable us to bring all the wonderful programs and activities to all of our students. Fundraisers in the past have included our Fall and Spring catalog fundraisers, the fun-run (jog-a-thon), cookie dough, family portrait nights, etc.

Fun Run

Every spring the PTA sponsors an annual Fun Run. It is our second largest fundraiser at Walteria.

This is a jog-a-thon type event to promote health and welfare, encourage healthy body and mind, and a general love of exercise to our young students while at the same time raising necessary funds to provide all of the wonderful programs, field trips, assemblies and events we provide to our wildcats.

Two quarter-mile tracks are set up on the field area and two grades run/jog/walk for 30 minutes at a time (walking for the last 5 minutes to cool down). Each student brings home a pledge sheet and predicts how many laps he/she will run; they then ask family and friends to pledge a particular denomination for each lap they actually run.

To make the event a blast we invite our local DJ Dewey to attend and keep us jamming while we jog. Each grade level has a designated color to wear that day—you should see how colorful our wildcats get. Even our teachers get in the spirit, and a few die-hards run the entire half hour. Water is provided by the PTA for every student, teacher, and volunteer during the event, then after the event tradition has it that our wildcats are treated with a cool refreshing Popsicle.

Honorary Service Awards and Founders Day Celebration

Each year our PTA honors outstanding local citizens with our Honorary Service Award. Recipients are individuals who have given many hours of their time serving our school and community. Nominations may be submitted in writing to the Honorary Service Committee in care of the school office. Awards are presented at our February Association Meeting. This program is fully sponsored and funded by the Walteria PTA


Our Legislation Committee members follow and study various legislation at the local, state, and national level that affect our children and schools. The information they gather is shared with parents and community members throughout the year. Please contact us if you are interested in this committee.


Our School Library is funded by the PTA, and staffed by very caring volunteers. It is open to all students during their regularly scheduled class time (currently once a week). Parent permission is required for students to "check-out" books. The library encourages good reading habits and provides students an opportunity to select books of their choice. Students also gain the experience of being responsible for "checking-out" and returning books on time.

The Magic of Music

Consider This:

  • Beethoven handled the violin awkwardly and preferred playing his own compositions instead of improving his technique. His teacher called him hopeless as a composer. 
  • Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor for lack of ideas. Walt Disney also went bankrupt several times before he built . 
  • Excerpts from "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

The Magic of Music is a program spear-headed by our wonderful volunteers. It started in the 1999-2000 school year. Thanks to our volunteer enthusiasm we have this outstanding program to offer. It's designed to expose students to the wonder of music from past to present.

It is based on the philosophy that has shown that an education in music and the arts is an essential ingredient for our children's future success.

Similar to "Adventures in Art" in structure, this program depends on volunteers to bring the creative spirit and curiosity of music to the classroom. No musical experience is necessary as all training and materials are provided.

The Magic of Music program is sponsored and funded by the Walteria PTA.


All parents, students, families, teachers, and community members are invited and encouraged to join and support our PTA. Funds collected through membership support the National and California PTAs and their efforts on behalf of our children, including, parent education, resource and training materials for parents and PTA members, and legislative support on educational issues affecting our children. We have an annual PTA Membership Drive at the beginning of each school year, but you can join the PTA any time throughout the school year. Only PTA members are allowed to vote at association meetings. PTA members can be parents, students, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. Contributions are greatly appreciated and will help support all of our PTA sponsored programs and events.

Multi-Cultural Day

Every other year we celebrate the diverse cultures that are brought together in our Walteria family. The day's events often include activities for the children and entertainment from a variety of cultures. Another fun filled event sponsored by Walteria PTA.

National PTA Reflections Program

The National PTA believes all children deserve a quality arts education and encourages students to pursue artistic expression through participation in its annual arts Reflections Program. Started in 1969 by then Colorado PTA President, Mary Lou Anderson, the program offers students the opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition. When children express themselves through words, pictures, music, photography and other art forms, they grow intellectually. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and submit works of art in four areas:

  • Literature,
  • Musical Composition,
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts (which includes art forms such as drawing, painting, print making and collage).
  • The theme for 2008-2009 Reflections Program is: Theme TBD

The program is judged at each level of the PTA: unit (Walteria Elementary PTA - local), council (Torrance Council of PTA's), district (33rd ), state (California State PTA) and national (National PTA).

Parents, we encourage you to support your children to participate in this cultural arts program. As with any student activity, parent involvement is important, however, student artists need to create their own works. Children must make their own decisions; they not only learn about the arts, more importantly, they learn about themselves. Another educational enrichment program fully funded and sponsored by Walteria PTA.

For more information, visit the California State PTA Website.


Our PTA Newsletter is called the "Pawprints" and is filled with information about school, PTA events, and activities. Watch for it each month in your Wednesday Information Packets.

The Newsletter is published approximately nine times a school year. It will distributed to the students on the last Wednesday of the month, and the deadline for all submissions is the Wednesday, a week prior to that.

Submissions are welcome from any PTA member, faculty, or staff on items of general interest to the Walteria community. Please submit upcoming event dates and info, volunteer thank yous, and contest winners, etc.

All newsletter and communications provided to you are sponsored and paid for by the Walteria PTA.

Programs and Assemblies

Each year the PTA provides funds for many assemblies and family programs at Walteria. The assemblies enrich and broaden our children's educational experience and awareness.

Assemblies are held throughout the year in the cafeteria for each individual grade level. We also have a few school-wide assemblies that every grade level gets the opportunity to attend. Two of our most popular are the 4th grade "Walk through California" and the 5th grade "Walk through the American Revolution" which are extensions of their Social Studies curriculum.

Red Ribbon Week

In the Fall, Red Ribbon Week is dedicated to helping our children become more aware of the dangers of drugs. The Red Ribbon Campaign began in 1986 to honor the death of Enrique Camarena, A Drug Enforcement Agent who was killed by drug traffickers. The young people of his hometown began wearing Red Ribbons in honor of their fallen hero. The campaign went nationwide in 1987 and the name was changed to Red Ribbon Week Celebration in 1989. Today, the simple piece of Red Ribbon is the symbol for drug prevention across the nation.

National Red Ribbon Week is sponsored by the PTA and the National Family Partnership and is an opportunity to send a consistent "No Drugs" message to children and youth. The goal of this campaign is to present a unified and visible commitment to the creation of a drug-free school, community and country.

During Red Ribbon Week, schools across the nation celebrate to show a unified and visible commitment to a "Drug-Free America." This event promotes a drug-free lifestyle with activities for students and includes mottos such as: "Say No to Drugs" and "Hugs Not Drugs". This week long program and event is fully funded and sponsored by the Walteria PTA

Room Parent Representatives

Our Room Parent Representatives help coordinate activities with the classroom teachers, and give our teachers much needed support. They act as a liaison between the teacher and the PTA and other classroom parents. They schedule parent volunteers to help, as needed, with PTA and classroom events. They are an extension of the PTA to each and every classroom.

Remember, anyone working with the students MUST have a current tuberculosis (TB) screening on file with the school as well as their social security number submitted to the office for verification through the registry of sex offenders. Each and every volunteer MUST always sign and check in at the school office.

Scholarship Awards for Walteria Alumni

Annually our PTA grants scholarship money to high school seniors in the City of Torrance who have attended Walteria Elementary. High school counselors collect applications at year-end that are evaluated by our PTA Scholarship Committee who select our recipients. These scholarships are awarded at a Monday "Flag Assembly" so that our current students can participate in honoring the recipients. These scholarships are funded by the Walteria PTA. 

Science Fair

Walteria's annual Science Fair allows students to show off their knowledge of science through a wide variety of science experiments. Teachers judge the entries and all participants are awarded certificates of participation. First place winners from each grade level are selected to represent Walteria at the Torrance Unified School District's Science Fair. Science Fair projects are judged on:

  • Use of the scientific method
  • Originality
  • Presentation
  • Participation in creating the display
  • Understanding of the project's underlying concepts

Student Council

Walteria's fifth grade student council is sponsored by the fifth grade teachers who guide the council in coordinating and implementing school special events, sports leagues, charitable fundraising and support, and off-campus activities.

Talent Show

Every other year we have a fabulous talent show that showcases our extremely talented wildcat students. Auditions are held and judged by our Walteria teachers. We see everything from singing, dancing, musical instruments, skits and poetry reading. Be sure to watch for audition invitations and don't miss the show! Another full filled PTA sponsored event.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation

We are very fortunate at Walteria to have such a wonderful faculty and staff. To show our appreciation, we take time throughout the year to honor and thank these professionals during events such as:

  • "Back to School" lunch for the teachers
  • "Teacher Appreciation Day"
  • "Secretary Appreciation Day"
  • "Nurses Appreciation Day"
  • "Administrators Appreciation Day"
  • "Staff Appreciation Luncheon"

These appreciation days and week long appreciation events are fully funded and sponsored by the Walteria PTA.

It is only through parent volunteers that we are able to honor and thank our teachers and staff properly. Please contact our Hospitality Chair if you would like to volunteer to help.


Walteria Elementary is pleased to provide a daily valet drop off and pick up program directly in front of the school along Madison, and is run entirely by parent and 5th grade volunteers.

In the mornings, cars drive up in front of the school inside the designated lane and a volunteer will assist your child out of the car and on their way into school.

In the afternoons, ID numbers are issued to families which need to be hung from your rear view mirror and as you pull up, your number is called and the child is ushered into the car and safely on your way. It is truly a great program that keeps traffic moving smoothly and swiftly in front of the school.

This program begins the first full week of school and lasts throughout the entire school year, rain or shine. Volunteers work about a 3 month shift, once or twice a week for about 45 minutes. To volunteer for this great program, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Becky at (310) 326-6298 for more information.

Walteria Spirit Wear

Walteria T-shirts and sweatshirts are sold at the beginning of each school year to promote school spirit. Students are encouraged to show their school spirit by wearing their school shirts on Mondays (Spirit Days). It is also encouraged to have students wear their T-shirts and sweatshirts on field trips to show Walteria pride. This is a service we provide to our students and families and is not a fundraiser. Flyers and order forms are sent home at the beginning of the school year.


Our PTA sponsored website is designed and maintained by volunteers to provide important information at the tip of your fingers and at the click of a button. Need answers? Go online!

  • What's for lunch?
  • How can I get involved?
  • Who are our teachers?
  • When's the next PTA or School event?
  • When's Spring Break?
  • When's the next PTA meeting?
  • And more!
  • Wednesday Folders and Information Packets

All notices, flyers, and important papers from the PTA, the school, and the community are sent home on Wednesday in the "Wednesday Folders". These packets are an effective way to make sure important communications are being received by the parents. The PTA has funded the cost of these folders for many years, however our business partner has graciously provided them to us the last two years. Thanks Capitol Source! Don't forget to check those backpacks every Wednesday night!

Wildcat Pep Rally

The annual "Wildcat Pep Rally" (formerly known as Kindergarten Tea) is held on the first day of school to welcome all new Walteria Families. Take a walk through Walteria's PTA history and check out our past programs and events. Meet the PTA Board and Walteria Principal while you enjoy a bite from our continental style breakfast spread. This is the prefect opportunity to see what we do and how to get involved at Walteria. Pep Rally begins at 9am and ends at 10am.


Our PTA publishes a student Yearbook at the end of each school year. The Yearbook includes pictures of special events throughout the year and is put together by parent volunteers. In addition to events and activities, each student and staff member is pictured in the Yearbook.

A yearbook committee is comprised of parent volunteers representing each classroom. If you'd like to be a yearbook representative in your classroom, inquire today! We welcome any photos taken at student activities and ask that you submit them to the Yearbook Editor in care of the school office. The school yearbook is sponsored by the Walteria PTA.