About Walteria Elementary School

Walteria Elementary School located in south Torrance is home to the Walteria Wildcats. Walteria has an approximate total enrollment of 680 students making it one of the larger elementary schools in the Torrance Unified School District.

Walteria has a high level of parental, staff, faculty, and community commitment contributing to a successful and safe environment. The PTA provides academic and cultural enrichment with assemblies, field trips, and art and music programs.

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Wildcat Roar
We are the WILDCATS,
Walteria is where we're at.

We pledge to treat our teachers right,
and to our friends we'll be polite.

We're here to learn, and do our best,
We promise to try and pass each test.

Wildcat roar-we say it loud,
The blue and gold-we say it proud!